Barcelona, 2020
Campaign, Creative Direction, Illustration


We’re all dealing with something completely new. Governments, scientists and health care professionals around the world are still trying to determine the best ways to fight the COVID−19 outbreak. There’s plenty of misinformation floating around the internet about home remedies, ways to know if you have the coronavirus and about the virus itself. It’s no wonder people are feeling confused, but it’s important that we don’t spread rumours and get our information from a credible source.

With this campaign we want to help people navigate the flood of information and distinguish facts from myths. We encourage people to check the latest instructions from the World Health Organization website using a friendly, funny and approachable tone. The characters used in the illustration are figurative to allow audiences around the globe and across all ages to identify with one or more of them. To overcome the COVID−19 crisis we need everyone to come together and tackle the spread of misinformation.

With this concept, we selected 8 common myths about the coronavirus and developed a series of posters, short clips and social media materials.

Creative Direction: Velkro and Sanna Kolehmainen
Art Direction and Illustration: Velkro
Copy: Sanna Kolehmainen

Free font license from Swiss Typefaces