London, 2020
Web Design, Web Development


Andrew Khosravani


Animations and Illustrations
Andrew Khosravani

Andrew Khosravani is a London born animator and illustrator working in the commercial animation world. His work sits at the intersection of various techniques, visuals and perspectives. Starting off as an illustrator he developed a strong visual style before going into animation, giving his work a friendly, loose style that bridges the gap between illustration and motion.

We imagined a representative website that could show his duality and unique imagery in a close and bold design. We played with sequences of large and bold images mixed with animated loops to recreate the artist’s spontaneous style and rich narrative. In order to transfigure the magical essence of his work, we animated a customised cursor and added some scrolling effects to keep the website constantly in movement. A fully personalised website, colourful, impactful and user-friendly.

Check it out at to view it in its full brightness.