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Geneva, 2019
Visual Identity, Art Direction, Campaign, Web Design




Juliette Marounek 

Afrodyssée is an association that promotes the best in contemporary African creation in the areas of fashion and crafts. Since 2015, every year they organise an annual African Trends Market presenting current African designers with a fashion show as the highlight.

We designed a campaign inspired by the illustrations of the main poster of the African artist invited this year. We developed the different pieces putting a special emphasis using shapes and texts in black placed over plain coloured backgrounds and papers. The chosen palette evokes African tones found in prints, fabrics and the landscape. We have maintained and integrated the elements of the main identity such as the lines ordered layout and the adinkra symbols, used in traditional crafts and stamping, that relate to one of Afrodyssée’s key values.

It is a colourful and bold campaign that underlines Afrodyssée as a trustworthy label, and highlights the professional and creative work of African design.