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Job Applications and Internships

We are VELKRO, an independent design studio based in Barcelona, founded in 2018 by two women who fiercely love taking on creative projects and challenges.⁠⁠ We develop bold concepts and colourful graphics.

We strongly believe that design must be based on a precise idea and that ideas need the proper design to materialise. Our philosophy is based on these two inseparable values, which are always at the heart of our work.

We like to work on all kinds of creative commissions to discover the infinite possibilities of communication. We love both small and big projects in printed as well as digital media. We feel comfortable working locally as well as internationally, due to our multicultural backgrounds. We have experience with clients in both the public and private sectors, especially with non-governmental and cultural organisations. Our aim is to forge relationships with our clients and build a strong mutual understanding.

We love what we do, and we do it with care. We focus on every detail at every stage of a project. We are always looking forward to new collaborations.

Creative and Art Direction
Branding and Visual Identity
Web and Digital Design
Editorial Design
Communication and Campaigns

Patricia Armada
Swiss designer with Spanish origins, she worked as a freelancer straight after completing her studies in graphic and motion design in Switzerland. She then gained experience while working extensively for non-profit organisations. A curious traveller, she moved to Barcelona to study illustration. Since then she keeps experimenting with paper and lines in still and moving images, in planes or volumes.

Eva Vesikansa
Finnish designer with a multicultural background, from Spain to South America and all the way back to her roots in Helsinki. She studied graphic design, illustration and art direction. Gained experience working many years for a renowned studio. Interested in all forms of design and passionate about all things visual. For her great design is the right combination of a good concept, shape and colour.

1A Coffee Roasters (USA)
Actions-durables (Geneva)
Accent (Geneva)
Afrik Festifood (Geneva)
Afrodyssée, African Trends Market (Geneva)
Ajustement de Barcelona (Barcelona)
Andrew Khosravani (London)
Angles de Vue (Geneva)
Cassandra Stuyt (Barcelona)
CCCB (Barcelona)
Couleur Café (Geneva)
Diputació de Barcelona (Barcelona)
Éblouie par la lune (Geneva)
Emilio Lorente (Madrid)
Ensemble Variante (Geneva)
Fabrik (Lausanne)
Fondation Eduki (Geneva)
Hey Hero (Los Angeles)
Julie Lacombe (Helsinki)
L’Atelier (Geneva)
La Transicional (Madrid)
Leo García Mendez (Barcelona)
Médecins sans frontières (Geneva, Paris)
Parlament de Catalunya (Barcelona)
Puntos México Conectado (Mexico City)
Raya Sader Bujana (Barcelona)
Siwa (Fuerteventura)
Terre des Hommes Suisse (Geneva)
Viini ja Ruoka (Helsinki)
WaxUp Africa (Geneva)
Yeply (Helsinki)